> Speech Recognition
  • The key to cost effective speech recognition deployment is the ability to accurately identify physicians who can produce system recognizable voice files. The system seamlessly routes these qualified files back into the normal editing and distribution workflow after processing. With FutureNet's WebEHR platform, qualified voice files are routed from the manual transcription process to the speech recognition engine. Electronically generated drafts are then forwarded to the speech recognition editing team based on the same workflow management options available for manual transcription. Edited documents route back to the standard distribution module in a way that is indistinguishable to the physicians.
  • As speech recognition technology continues developing and increasing in popularity, some physicians are willing to use speech recognition software on the front end to speed up the documentation process and to save the cost of transcription and professional editing services. FutureNet's WebEHR platform has the capability to incorporate front end speech recognition engines from leading third party vendors as well as the ability to generate patient reports with available onscreen patient ADT information, pre-defined report templates and related physician lists for providers. Once the right patient and correct report type have been selected the pre-defined template will be displayed for easy report creation. Once the provider finishes this process, the report will be integrated into all the other transcribed reports for departmental access and distribution to predefined locations.